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Home Improvement Projects That Add Value to Your Home

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The process of readying your home to be sold is best perceived as a sort of “mini-renovation.” This home rejuvenation not only appeals to prospective home-buyers but markedly increases the house’s value. As the economy begins to weaken, threatening the integrity of the housing market, your steps toward home improvement will be even more critical to boosting your potential asking price. Here are two home improvement projects you can take on to ensure your home’s value stands strong and appeals to a wide range of house hunters.

To give your home the fresh look it needs to draw in new families, roommates, and cohabitors, you need to give each room a “makeover,” of sorts. These makeovers do not have to be too extensive but should make a noticeable difference in the home’s overall atmosphere. Often, a fresh coat of paint and the removal of bulky furniture all a room needs to feel new once again. Consider the following changes per room to get started:

  • You don’t have to perform a complete remodel. Still, taking the time to repaint the walls and swap out the existing fixtures for energy-efficient, touchless appliances is a strong start.
  • Extra rooms. If you have an attic or basement, consider converting it to a new bedroom. This will add substantial value to your home and increase the versatility and appeal of the house.


The name of the game on the housing market now is energy efficiency. Do a walkthrough of your home and note any outdated features that may be costing you extra cash in utility bills. The best elements to replace for more environmentally-friendly options are:

  • Windows
  • Insulation
  • Lighting

Research the options available to you for the replacement of such elements. For example, Energy Star-qualified windows and appliances can save homeowners up to $500 annually in HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)-related costs. You are sure to get a healthy return on your investment when choosing the appropriate options for renovations.

You don’t have to gut your home from the inside out to dramatically improve its value. Make these simple changes, and you’ll be ready to sell your home to the highest bidder sooner than you imagined!

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